– Calling All Everyday Warriors –

– Calling All Everyday Warriors

As a man in today’s world, I struggle with motivation. I struggle with stress. I struggle with change and the fear of the unknown.

As a professional athlete, I’m taught and told to be confident. Never show signs of weakness. Through everything I’m always expected to overcome adversity or some type of struggle.

Now, the reason why I’m writing this blog is because I want to connect with people that are going through struggles and difficult situations. I want to be able to learn how you respond and how you deal with them. At the end of the day I am human. I have struggled through very difficult times and have emotions. But since I am a professional athlete, I’m put on a pedestal where I am expected to be flawless, maybe even slightly robotic. It’s tough to deal with the fact that everything I do is put under a microscope and easily criticized. But what about the hours where I’ve been training with no one else around? There’s no microscope out then but I’m giving it my all and pushing myself. There’s certainly no praise, and no criticism until I walk out the door and back in to the ‘real world’.

I don’t know the answers to everything, but hopefully this blog can shed some light on some of these difficulties I’ve been facing, as I’m sure some of you are going through relatable struggles. I am hoping that we can come together and you can help me reveal some advise. I need those of you who have been able to overcome the stress, the fears, lack of motivation and depression and have persevered, because this is what I deal with every day as a man and as a professional athlete. No matter the profession or the trade we all have similar struggles and these human emotions: the demons to fight off in our minds.

I’ve been in the world of professional athletics for some time now, and I’ve previously been able to manage my stress and deal with things as they come. But the older I get, I find that it’s not as easy to let certain things go and pretend or portray myself as if things don’t hurt. So I’m calling on you guys: the people that deal with these same types of struggles, the everyday warriors, to open up and express. Tell me what things are going on in your lives and how you’ve dealt with them. How you’ve overcome them and how you’ve pushed forward. So I am further calling you to please tune in, please engage and please share with me so that we can rise up and become even stronger together.

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    Often we forget that professional athletes are real people dealing with real life just like the rest of us. I look forward to reading more.

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