Hair loss has been a big problem in my family.

Sponsored by Keeps

Sponsored by Keeps

Hair loss has been a big problem in my family. Growing up as a kid I remember my dad would always keep his hair really short and wear hats whenever he was in public and never really understood why. 

When I first started competing in track and field I never realized how much stress could actually affect the human body. I began to get bad acne and started suffering from hair loss on different parts of my body. It never really got bad until I graduated from college and turned professional.
With such a big life transition from leaving an organized lifestyle in college to now having to fend for myself as professional athlete, stress has been at an all time high.

The Keeps products make it so I don’t have to worry about hair loss and can live a more fulfilled, stress free life. The online order process was very easy and convenient. All you do is head to the website to fill out a quick survey on your hair, and include some hair pics. Then, a board-certified doctor will review your case and create a treatment plan for you, including a prescription as needed. After that, the treatment will arrive at your door – it auto-refills every 90 days, so you can set it and forget it. What I liked most is that it’s affordable and backed by real science!

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