About Professional..

Upon his graduation from the University of Washington in 2008, Norris turned professional in the sport of track & field. Since turning professional Norris has been a 3x indoor bronze medalist for Team USA. While having much success throughout his professional career he has also had to overcome a great deal of adversity but he has used that to fuel him on his quest to represent Team USA in the Olympic Games in 2016. Norris’ outstanding work ethic in and outside his sport has enabled him to consistently be ranked among the best athletes in the world.

About Legacy…


Norris would love for his legacy to linger in his sport as one of the best there ever was, but more important to him is the legacy he leaves in his community. Without the support of his community he would have not made it as far as he did, with that in mind he would like give back to show his appreciation for all the support he has gotten over the years.

About College…


Norris received many different college offers for both basketball and track & field, after much debating he decided to attend the University of Washington on a full track & field scholarship. At the University of Washington Norris became an 11x NCAA All American, a 5x Conference Champion, and 3x West Region Male Athlete of the Year, and the most decorated athlete in Washington State history. He was able to accomplish all of this while earning his Bachelors Degree in informatics and his Masters Degree in marketing.

About High School…


During Norris’ sophomore year of high school his basketball coach recommended that he join the Roosevelt High School track team in order to improve on his speed and jumping ability. Norris joined the track team and immediately started turning heads. By the end of his high school career Norris had won himself five state titles, three in the high jump and two in the long jump. He was also invited to the Junior Olympics where he won the gold medal in the men’s high jump. Leaving high school Norris was ranked among the best high school athletes in the country, which helped him to win Washington State Gatorade Athlete of the year. Throughout Norris’ high school career he set two national records in the high jump and long jump, and made his very first World Championship team where he placed seventh in the high jump and eleventh in the long jump.

About Early Life…


Growing up in Seattle, Washington Norris was an active child; he was involved in many different activities including basketball and martial arts. From an early age he excelled as an athlete, but to him it was about more than just the sport itself. Norris used sports as an outlet, a way to escape from what was going on around him.

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